District-wise List of Engineering Colleges In Tamil Nadu
In Districts : Nagapattinam

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College Name


3018 University College of Engineering, Thirukkuvalai, Nagapattinam District 610204 Nagapattinam
3461 Arifa Institute of Techonology, Esanoor, Keelaiyur Post, Thirukkuvalai Taluk, Nagapattinam District 611103 Nagapattinam
3760 Sir Issac Newton College of Engineering and Technology, Anthanapeetai Post, Papakoil, Nagapattinam District 611102 Nagapattinam
3801 A V C College of Engineering, Mannampandal Post, Mayiladuthurai, Nagapattinam District 609305 Nagapattinam
3806 E G S Pillay Engineering College (Autonomous), Nagapattinam District 611002 Nagapattinam
3859 Sembodai Rukmani Varatharajan Engineering College, Sembodai Village, Vedaraniam, Nagapattinam District 614820 Nagapattinam
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