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community: MBC    Rank: 11976. My overall rank is 56483. Since chemical Engineering is broad field i would like to pursue it.I heard that chemical Engineering has a drastic changes and job oppurtunities in coming years..

By your advice If i like to opt for EEE whch college is best for my cutoff???
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Hi Keerthikaa,

Chemical has oppurtunities, But when compare to ECE or EEE or CSE, it is lower only.. If you are selecting chemical in good colleges, then its ok.. because they will bring Chemical companies for placements.. Suppose you are selecting chemical in Veltech, then you have to look outside only.. And also to get in good chemical companies like IOCL, CPCL, you have to write GATE exam .. Even you will get in other small companies, But you have to search it... Think that, whether it s suitable for girls

And Most of them choose EEE or ECE is, they can go for govt jobs as well as IT sector, But Almost 70% who are working, will be working only in IT sector.. and again for govt. jobs, you have to write exams and have to clear..

CSE or IT, -- only IT field, But some satisfaction.. studied same field and working also same field.. And in CSE or IT, If you learnt any programming language well .. surly you will get job..

If you like to opt EEE, it s a good choice........Go for Jeppiar instituite itself, If you joining, Just visit the college and enquiry about it..  If you feel some other better college, go for it........

you can chk using this link.. for Max. Rank possible for any college.. Always chk  1 day before counselling for vacancy seat position also ..

All these are my opinion, But final decision should be yours......
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thank u sir for ur guide