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My grand son who is native of Tamilnadu is now studiying in BANGALORE. He is expecting 85% of marks in +2 CBSE syllubus and waiting for the result. He is native of Trichy. Please suggest me the clleges and groups which he may get for the above marks and when will be the application will be issued. An early reply will be appriciated and thankfull.
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Dear Sir,

The official notifications regarding other state quota will be released soon.

Do check out LAST YEAR's official notification here (

Kindly check out the TNEA-College Finder tool ( to know the probable colleges, courses by entering the cut-off as 170 (85% =170/200)

Enter your cut-off in the space provided and choose your community. Then there is a filter to add/remove colleges, districts and courses of your choice.

Click Submit and you get a list of probable colleges for your cut-off.

So go ahead and try it out !

If you like it, spread a good word ! Like our Facebook page (

Convey our Best wishes to your grandson :)

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well, you can use college finder tool in .most probably u may get seats from colleges like loyola ,saveetha ,velammal etc
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