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greetings sir,

i'm kavitha. from coimbatore. my TNEA cutoff is 190.25. I would like to go for C.s.e or I.T . as Mr. Jayaprakash Gandhi.  A leading Carrer analyst and expert said that in the future four years the placement opportunities and scope for E.C.E will be comparitivly less than C.SE OR IT. is it true sir? alsi i have so many doubts. i would to contact you personally. my mail id is i'm the only girl in my family. i have to decide on what  i study,. so kindly help me .. as soon as possible. thanks in advance.
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1 Answer

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Hi Kavitha,

From our viewpoint, placements depends on the college in which you get admitted to. So if you are very keen on placements alone (at the end of B.Tech), kindly enquire about the same with friends or other relatives who are in that college.

Like what was pointed out, the prediction of future is left into the safe hands of the experts. We do not risk doing it.

But what we have seen is, be among the top in your class, you are better off in ANY COLLEGE with ANY COURSE !

All the best !

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