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Get a free ride to the counselling centre
FREE rides worth Rs. 250*

by TNEAhelp team

Free Ride from anywhere in Chennai to the Counselling center!

A majority of the +2 students attending the counselling session travel from places outside Chennai. Hence it is better if students avail free cab services provided by taxi aggregator services like Uber. Uber offers one free ride during first time signup and here are the steps to download Uber app and get a free ride from it.

1. Download PayTM App & Register PayTM wallet, Top-Up/Recharge PayTM with minimum Rs 200/- in wallet.(Existing account can be used.) Check PayTM Cash

2. Switch on your location services before sign up. (App will detect you are in India or not).

3. Download Uber mobile app on iOS , Android or Windows . Fill in Name and Phone number , Email and click Next. You should see "Add a Prepaid Wallet" Option in Uber app.

4. Fill basic details and move to next page add PayTM wallet. Add money if you have less than Rs 200/- cash in PayTM.

5. Apply following promo code to get 1 Free Ride worth Rs 250. ubertneahelp

6. Verify in payment menu to see your 1 Free Ride worth Rs 250, if you don't see wait for few minutes and the apply promo code ubertneahelp again.

7. After successful sign up you can use Uber on your mobile devices as well as on Uber mobile site, if you are registering on friends mobile.


'I don't see the Paytm option in my Uber App!'

Don't worry! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign out of your account, disable WIFI and enable 3G/2G on your Android/iOS device.

  2. Clear your device's cache

  3. Ensure that your location is set to India.

  4. When you sign into your account on 3G, you should see the 'Add a Prepaid Wallet' button!

'But wait - I have Uber credits! Why do I need to top up my wallet?'

You need to have a minimum balance of Rs. 200 before you take each ride, to ensure that if you run out of credits, we can bill it to your PayTM wallet. Makes sense? To top up, go to the payment tab in your app, click on your PayTM wallet and hit add money!

Uber PayTM Signup without Mobile App - Desktop SignUp

1. Follow this link, & One Free Ride Promo Code will be applied automatically.

2. In "Mobile Number Section" you just have to select the country (India +91) properly to appear PayTM option.

3. Uber will set you up with PayTM Wallet using the phone number and email you have above. If you have an existing wallet, Uber will connect with it using OTP method.

4. OTP method: Uber/PayTM will you send you an one time password on your mobile/email which must be entered to your Uber app in order to authenticate PayTM in with Uber.

5. You will need to enter promo code ubertneahelp in order to get 1 free ride from your referrer.

Everything else remains Uber - You'll be emailed a receipt at the end of your trip with a detailed fare breakdown and the trip route taken.

Your fare will be automatically debited from your e-wallet. If your ride amount exceeds your wallet balance, you will be prompted to clear your balance before taking your next ride. There's never been an easier, more convenient way to get around!

Best Wishes,
TNEAhelp Team



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