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TNEAhelp College-Finder 2014 Android app
College-finder on the move!

by TNEAhelp team

Based on popular demand, we have created the College-Finder 2014 app for Adroid. The app can be downloaded here.

download in Google Play Store

This app provides a simple interface for checking the colleges and branches available for your cutoff.
Here are the features of the College-Finder 2014 app:

  • Find probable colleges and branches for YOUR TNEA CUTOFF
  • View details like college-code, college name, branch, cutoff and district
  • Sort by columns: Click on the header (topmost row or heading) of a column to sort the results by that column
  • Apply Filter on colleges or branches or districts.
    Say, you are interested in mechanical engineering only. Then, after viewing the rows are loaded, type in mechanical in the filter. The rows having mechanical alone are shown and the other rows are hidden

NOTE: If the district is not visible, tilt the orientation of the screen to view it.
You can also view the district by clicking on a particular row.

If you find have suggestions/comments, we would like to hear that!

download in Google Play Store

Best Wishes,
TNEAhelp team

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Disclaimer: All information presented herewith are predictions based on earlier TNEA statistics. Users are adviced to verify the same with other sources.