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Tips n Tricks : List of Engineering Colleges
One-minute introduction to TNEAhelp List of Engineering Colleges Page

by TNEAhelp team

In this section we showcase how to use the TNEAhelp List of Engineering Colleges and a few tricks which you can try out!

Be it finding the list of colleges in your district, or having a handy printout of the list of colleges with the code, the TNEAhelp List of Engineering Colleges will be prove resourceful. In this blog, we explain how to access this tool, what are its (intended) features and a few other tricks you can do!

Accessing it

The list of Colleges is available at the top menu and can be accessed from the TNEA 2014 info as shown below
Navigating to the college-finder in TNEAhelp website

Page Features

Get more information about a college
Clicking on a College or a College Code takes you the college-information page for that college

Filter Colleges
You can filter colleges by typing in a part of the college name in the search-box (shown in red in the figure below). For example, the following figure shows the results filtered with Anna (the words "anna" have been highlighted in this picture for reference. This will not be shown in the actual website)
filter colleges in TNEAhelp colleges list

Sort the columns
You can sort the columns in the table by clicking the header as shown in the picture below - the sorted column is then highlighted as indicated in the picture below.
sorting colleges by names in TNEAhelp colleges list ascending order
clicking the header again will sort it in the reverse order, as shown in the picture
sorting colleges by names in TNEAhelp colleges list descending order
Note that you can sort by any one of the three columns - the College Name, College Code or the District!

Tips & Tricks

Here are other things you can do with the TNEAhelp List of Engineering Colleges..

  • You can use this to find all colleges in a district by typing in the district in the search-box.

  • You can list the colleges in more than one districts, by constructing an url like this :,chennai,karur
    And this will show all colleges in Combatore, Chennai and Karur!!
    (careful about the district-names - copy them from the list)

  • We will add more features soon. Subscribe to the newsletter to stay updated..

These are the intended used of the TNEAhelp List of Engineering Colleges (if you find anything else, we would like to hear that :P !)

Best Wishes,
TNEAhelp team

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Disclaimer: All information presented herewith are predictions based on earlier TNEA statistics. Users are adviced to verify the same with other sources.

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