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Explore TNEAhelp : Page-tour Feature
A quick introduction to TNEAhelp Page-Tour feature

by TNEAhelp team

In this section we showcase the Page-Tour feature available in all the pages. This gives you a one-minute visual quick-start to the tools in TNEAhelp

The Page-Tour allows you to quickly get to know a summary of how to use the tool. This tool is one of the new features added this year.
The Page-Tour is loads by default when the page loads. This is shown by a black button at the bottom of the page with "Take Page Tour" label on it. The figure below shows the page-tour displyed in the TNEA College-Finder page.
TNEAhelp College-Finder page-tour
This notification will automatically get disabled (get invisible) after ten seconds after it is shown. (If you want to see that again, simply reload the page!).
When you click the Page-Tour feature button, the important steps in the page are shown in order one-after-other. The following image shows a Page-Tour in progress, in the TNEA College-Finder TNEAhelp College-Finder page-tour

You can stop a Page-Tour in the middle by pressing the Escape button or by clicking the close icon in the top-right of the Page-Tour box.
After the Page-Tour is over, you return to the same page that you were before.

We hope that this will add clarity usage of our tools.

In case of any doubts / clarifications / suggestions / comments - mail us!

Best Wishes,
TNEAhelp team

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