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TNEAhelp website is revamped!
A fresh look with an intuitive user-interface

by TNEAhelp team

The TNEAhelp website has had a major upgrade.

The 2014 edition of TNEAhelp includes a lot of additional features as compared to the earlier versions. Combine this with the server-optimizations and design-for-speed, keeping in mind the growing mobile-user-base, we hope to deliver our best to make your stay here useful and comfortable.

Here are a few things that are new to this year's website

Revamped website design Improved User interface for TNEA College-Finder , Added TNEA 2013 Counselling trends , TNEA 2013 Vacancy positions A quick detiled summary of every college in TN - Colleges-Information page Launched TNEAhelp blog List of Newly added Academic-Features

List of other features
  • A blog to keep you posted about the happenings of TNEAhelp
  • Revamped design of the website
  • Page-tour feature
  • Improved User-Interface for all the tools
  • Mobile-friendly design of the pages
  • Speed optimizations from the server-end
  • Plus a few other things that work behind-the-screen to give you a pleasant experience

And a list of features to be added soon..

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Best Wishes,
TNEAhelp team

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Disclaimer: All information presented herewith are predictions based on earlier TNEA statistics. Users are adviced to verify the same with other sources.

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